About Us

India is said to be one of the most promising nations of the future due to its steady and constant growth amidst the global financial crisis. India has been proving its worth to be a treasure land for investors for a long time now and has been attracting a lot of foreign interest when it comes to investments. But as foreign entities it is natural for these establishments and individual to be in doubt regarding to the crucial questions of how, where and when! Here is where we step in! We, Global India Investments, a place to find answers to all your questions about Investing in India, answered and solved under one big umbrella. We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the pioneers in India to assist individuals as well as big, medium and small business entities from all over the world in their investment plans in India. Ours is a business network based in India, doing constant and rigorous research on its markets and researching for a very long time has given our financial experts from all walks of life a gift to assist and advise YOU, our clients to achieve your objective when you are investing in India.

Our greatest power and what puts us in a place above all the other establishments in our work field is our man power, our human resources! We have experts who are not only here for a job but whom these jobs are a passion and a challenge to prove their skills. And the experience they have gained through the years, their knowledge about the markets and other tactful methods of implementing investments, their knowledge about what areas hold treasure and what is to be avoided and more importantly they know to predict the right time for all the right decisions to be made. We are headed by sharp brains and driven by methods that come from the future.

Although our network is spread throughout India, we are currently focusing in Kerala, India, which is the place to be in the forthcoming time for investors. Apart from tourism, Kerala is now opening up to the new IT world and producing opportunities for companies all over the world. It is also identified with its unique branch of medicine known as Ayurveda which is currently very popular throughout the globe. Kerala is predicted to constantly and steadily grow building a firm foundation wherein the world can invest. Global India Investments watched Kerala’s grow minutely and knows what it holds for investors. We can give you insights into like no other financial Service provider.