Our Services

Global Indian Investments is a company providing financial services to all who wants to invest in India. We have all the solutions to your problems and doubts regarding investing in India. We are of course based in India and our prolonged presence in the market has gained us immense knowledge and impeccable skills. We provide a complete package of financial services to any individual or company who wants to invest in India.
Our networking is wide spread as we work together with the following sectors:

– Banking
– Investments
– IT
– Tourism
– Pharmacy
– Real Estate

We have strong connections and work with Indian banks and also with real time experienced share brokers. Giving us a very clear insight into the very heart of the stock exchanges which in turn lets us give you the best opinions and advice to attain profit. India is a very young country which has been prospering even with the global financial crisis hitting very prominent nations hard. India not only found its ground and is surviving the crisis but also flourishing in such dangerous situations which makes it all the more attractive for foreign investments. The growth rate has been so striking that India has been predicted to be one of the best and biggest economies in the world in the next ten to twenty years.

We not only deal with the normal stock exchange but also deal with unquoted and delisted shares too. We can also provide the lists of listed and delisted shares. We are currently concentrating on Kerala, which has recently seen some immense openings when it comes to opportunities for investors. Kerala has seen a real growth through the very popular branch of medicine Ayurveda as well as seen the recent boom in the IT field and much more.

We at Global Investments can give foreign investors an impeccable assistance in investing in the markets of Kerala and other Indian markets and also give our humble assistance in helping them start a business in Kerala too.

From the basic stock exchange routine to starting a business, we are a complete package of financial services to all individuals and companies both Foreign and Nationals. We provide the full support and assistance system when it comes to financial solutions.